Our image abroad.

If they developed a medal for being stupid then a certain minority of the English support this week in Marseille would have earned it. I will come on to the Russians shortly, I've not forgotten them don't you worry.

I felt ashamed this week, ashamed to be English, I hate feeling this way it makes me feel sick to the stomach but that is how I feel when I see groups of English in their deluded acts of patriotism causing so much disorder in Marseille. If I could also apologize to all the innocent locals going about their everyday business I would. They do not represent me or my family or how I was raised.

As for the Russians? Well I can't help thinking that they were encouraged by individuals up the food chain? They all looked highly fit, slim and strong I can only assume that most of these individuals were ex military. From what I've heard they were extremely well organised.

Was this Putins pathetic attempt to flex is muscles a bit in Western Europe?

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