Medal Mounting.

Now here at Duchemins Regimental Giftware LTD we have mounted our fair share of military medals, awards and decorations over the years. And in all those years there has always been a debate over what is the prefered style? Court mount or Swung mount? Now I can only offer my opinion through experience and speaking to serving and ex serving members of the armed forces.

Now the majority of ex Army, post war always prefer a court mount, for those not in the know it's when the medals are attached to backing board with the relevant ribbon visible behind the medal. The majority of ex Royal Air Force see this as a preferred option also.

Now the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines are a different kettle of fish all together they tend to always have their medals swung mounted. Why? I think it just boils down to tradition and possibly wanting to be different to the British Army and the Royal Air Force.

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