Bicentennial of the Gurkha's.


I really felt obliged this month to write a little something about the Gurkha's. For those of you who didn't know the United Kingdom's Brigade of Gurkha's commemorates 200 years of outstanding service and loyalty to the crown in 2015.

Since its formation Gurkhas have conducted themselves with distinction in numerous conflicts alongside their British Colleagues.

I love this regiment, i love the fact that as individuals they can be the warmest, kindest and most generous of human beings; rile them, anger them and then you will see first hand why they have been so invaluable to the British Army.

It really comes as no surprise to me that there are 26 Gurkha recepients of the Victoria Cross, 13 have been awarded to British officers and the same number to Gurkha soldiers.

I salute them and look forward to many more years service from these warriors.

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